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Yangrima Eco Lodge Building

Why Yangrima Eco-Lodge

You’re looking for a refreshing experience of rural Nepal, and you want to do it an ethical and ecological way… Yangrima Eco-Lodge offers the ideal experience for family, digital nomads or educational groups alike. They’re all great value and have no hidden extras.

The Yangrima Eco-Lodge is built using sustainable materials including Hemp, Lime and Bamboo. It uses passive solar heating like double-glazed windows, solar for electricity and water heater.

We harvest rainwater and recycle grey water reducing half of our fresh water consumption. Besides that we grow our own organic vegetables and fruits, raise free range chickens for eggs and grass-fed buffalos for healthy milk.

Rooms and Tariffs

We have deluxe rooms with large double-glazed windows, Hemp walls, attached washrooms, hot-water facilities. Hot water bottle, extra blanket or an electrical heater are available if needed.

Yangrima Eco-Lodge Bedroom

Deluxe Twin Room

Deluxe Double Room


Eco-Tourism in Helambu

Do you ever feel this overwhelming urge to get away from the madness of modern cities? The urge to get away from our fast-paced, chaotic lives even for a few moment. Have you ever felt nature calling you into its peaceful loving arms? Would you like to spend your holidays soaking into the warm and endearing hospitality of the Hyolmo community, sipping suyou-cha (salted butter tea),relishing kiwi fruits right from the orchards, hiking and paying homage at centuries old stupas and monasteries or make the ultimate trek to the holy Ama Yangri peak through lush rhododendron forests?

Nestled at an elevation of 2600m, Yangrima Eco-Lodge perches gently on the quaint, peaceful village of Sermanthang-2, Helambu, amidst pristine alpine forests and vegetation. A couple of hours of ride from the capital city, up bumpy mountain roads or a hike following goat trails through picturesque villages and terraced farms, Yangrima Eco-Lodge provides the perfect getaway for your weary adventurous souls with its varied packages catering to different preferences.

Listen To Our Satisfied Guests

Dr. Katie Marwick

United Kingdom

We stayed for a week in the mountains at Yangri-Ma Ecolodge. It was quiet, cool and plenty of space for Peter and Amelia to run around. The local school children enjoyed playing with them. My husband was able to work remotely from Yangrima Eco-Lodge thanks to its reliable internet connections.

Pratibodh Pradhan

Kathmandu, Nepal

We had an amazing group holiday with over twenty friends and family at Yangrima Eco-Lodge in Helambu. I enjoyed everything in the trip, the air was so fresh, atmosphere so clean and quiet and the forest walk was so nice. The Hemp house is amazingly warm and welcoming, food delicious. Overall, I had an amazing time with friends and family. Can’t wait to go back.

Manfred Haeupl


When we visited you, I had a feeling that you have a real vision about the future of tourism and development in your region. Yangrima Eco-Lodge could be used as a blue print for many other Lodges and I hope that our partner Lodge might pay a visit to your place to receive inspiration and practical ideas for their own Lodges.